About Us

About Us

Popo Creatives is a production studio, specializing in visual content creation. We have worked with clients from the UK, Canada, France, Singapore, Czech Republic, Italy and Bulgaria. The portfolio of services within the studio is separated into three sub-brands that serve different markets.

Popo Corporate serves the B2B market, partners up with businesses to help them find creative visual solutions, giving companies an edge in today’s hypercompetitive business environment. 

Popo Conceptual serves the B2C market by creating a variety of conceptual and imaginative projects for artists, individuals and families. This is where we stretch our imagination to create unique projects for our clients.

Popo Weddings captures the love stories of newlyweds. This is where we create content for the generations to come. We have an individual approach to every couple and we take our job with a great deal of responsibility since it is an event that marks a very personal milestone in our clients’ lives.

Popo Creatives builds a unique structure of relationships and connections between agencies and teams. The cumulative capacity of our teams presents us with broadened perspectives and development opportunities, with new goals to accomplish together, rallying us into something more than a team – an industry within the industry.

“an industry within the industry”

The studio is the collective social capital of a video production studio, photography agency and a community of contractors specializing in various digital and advertising services. The business model of the firm is based on collaboration because the collective creative capacity and resourcefulness is what makes our team unique and our business model this successful.

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