This showreel presents the variety of work the team of Popo Creatives has created over the past two years.
Presenting services such as: directing, filming, VFX, creative storytelling, video for social media, corporate video and product catalog.

Hired for: Concept development, casting, directing, post-production.
Target customer: Young people and students of Liverpool.
Location: Liverpool, UK
The style of the restaurant was inspired by 80s american dinners. Thus, the video shows cheerleaders and other young hip-hop dancers. The story develops as their order arrives the group of friends start battling over the food while doing stunts with it. The video also presents different elements of surprise and humorous moments while directing creative shots.

Hired for: directing, filming and post production.
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Target customer: Active people who train both indoors and outdoors looking to improve their comfort during practice.

Urgent fit belt keeps all of your belongings safe during practice while at the same time does not limit your movement.

Campaign video | Vitalaiz

Hired for: concept development, filming and post production.
Location: Bourgas, Bulgaria
Target customers: Women, 20+

Vitalaiz  is a modern beauty salon offering various cosmetic procedures.

Sofia University | Med students 2018

Hired for: Creative storytelling, filming, post-production, VFX
Location: Sofia University, Bulgaria
Video presents the graduation of  medical students class 2018 in a unique way. By creating VFX the viewer could witness a scanner looking for doctors. Once it finds one it runs a profile on a complex hub figuring out the exact name, student number and future profession.

Behind the scenes | Photo shoot

Behind the scenes of photo shoot for Job Tiger done by Bulphoto Agency

Hired for: creative and post-production
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Two year birthday campaign | Millennium Club Bulgaria

Hired for: Concept Development and post-production.
Problem: The NGO wanted a corporate video regarding their past and future achievement. However, they struggled creating a concept for the video that will catch people’s eye and keep it until the end of the video.
Solution: Designed newspaper within the style of the NPO. A lamp is swinging from one part of the newspaper to the other revealing different parts of content creating an exciting viewer’s experience.

Hired for: filming and directing a personal project: dance video
Location: Sofia
The subject of the video – Iskra Daskalova “Shibumi” improvises to music. The challenge is to get the perfect shots without much directing ahead of time while making the most of shooting in low light.

Hired for: Post-production and VFX
The video presents the content of the campaign through text messages on a smartphone.
The style of the video is kept clean and simple so that the viewer will focus on the content itself and message of the campaign.

Hired for: Directing and post-production
Target customer: High-end fashion customers
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
This video presents the product catalog of high-fashion brand S/S 2018. This video presents the only Bulgarian brand that has worked with a dominican model previously working for Victoria Secrets.