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The Person Whose Job Is To Fix Everybody Else’s Job

The person whose job is to fix everybody else’s job

A #IFeelYouBrotha to all the fellow post-production artists with this brief rant.

I hope you appreciate that this is just a humorous take on the profession of a post-production artist and no disrespect is intended to all the amazing colleagues and clients who give their everything to a production.

The post-production artist collects and edits the work of EVERYBODY else on the team – videographers, actors, voice-over talent, lightening technician, audio designers, motion graphic designer, clients, literally everybody that was involved at some point in a production.

So here are some of the most common, unnecessary (could have been avoided) fixes a post-production artist needs to do:

Fixing videographer’s mistakes

Getting the white balance different on all the footage, so that we get to experience the excruciating pain of having to sync it ALL. Blurriness, missed focus, over/underexposure, wrong camera movement – you name it. The list is long and annoying!

Story gaps

Cause you know … why invest money in pre-production when we can just wing it.

Lack of coordination between the separate teams bringing in production assets

And now there is no consistency across all the visuals and audio. Cue the magical post-production!

Client communication 

When it comes to working overtime, clients suddenly subscribe to the black hole hypothesis, where time and space are subjective resulting in you not getting payed for overtime.

Talent mistakes on set

Especially when there are more than one in a single shot and somebody forgets that when they don’t have lines they still need to act. Kind reminder to all the extras: If you can see the camera, the camera can see you too, honey!

Fixing voice-over/interviewee‘s enunciation

When hiring cheap talent cause my friend/nephew/neighbor is kind of pretty so we can use him/her for free.

Props mistakes

Unattended props moved without being marked and now we have to do masking between 10 takes to fix this shiii.

Final thoughts:

And to all the people who say: don’t worry we will fix this in post … please go and sit on a tripod! 🙂




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