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Loosing  Market Share

Loosing market share

Loosing market share


E-commerce clothing brand in the plus size industry struggles to maintain competitive edge in the Bulgarian plus size industry which has experienced a significant growth in new entries. Facebook media budgets have doubled and tripled during the past couple of years and the brand struggles to maintain their market share and loyal customer base.


Create a brand persona and a story around it that will be written by the audience. Yet the audience will not know how the story will unfold. Before each season issue we send a Cosmopolitan type of questionnaire to the audience for them to fill in. Asking them what color is their hair, favorite color, favorite drink, etc. What they don’t know is that their answers to the questions will be used to build the brand persona of Maxi Char. After the persona “Chara” was introduced for the first time, every next isssue continued this tradition by allowing the readers to become writers. However, they never know how their  answers will contribute to the final story. This way the audience becomes highly involved in the content creation, gets hooked, which increased website traffic, sales and brand establishment.

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